About Us


30 years of printing experience and a passion for blending contemporary and traditional fashion, ETICO PRINT FABRICS leaves a unique mark in the exciting world of fashion. With our extensive design team of 12 people, we offer a wide collection prepared for every season.We prioritize design excellence, giving utmost importance to our customers’ ever-changing mood boards, enabling us to create swift and stunning collections.

At ETICO PRINT FABRICS , we stand out with our creative approach, boasting an extensive pattern archive and utilizing cutting-edge digital printing techniques. From digital sublimation printing to digital reactive, acid, and dispersal printing, we offer our customers limitless options.

Our experienced and skilled team ensures precision and prompt delivery during the production process, always striving to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction. By understanding the evolving demands of the fashion industry, we stay ahead of the trends, crafting up-to-date and distinctive pieces in our collections.

Dedicated to our craft, we craft custom designs for every client, translating their stories onto fabrics to create one-of-a-kind garments. We breathe new life into the fashion world, allowing our customers the opportunity to express themselves through our aesthetically appealing creations.

At ETICO PRINT FABRICS , we blend passion with fashion, enriching your aesthetic sense with our designs. Join us on this fashionable journey and experience a whole new dimension of self-expression!