Etico is a happy company with happy employees

We are exporting out products and designs all over the world with experience of more than 30 years and a staff of more than sixty smiling employees

We understand the language of design and fabric very well. We are after visionary, unique designs befitting the fabric
Traditions usually come from the past

But tradition for us is renewing the future and following an understanding which never compromises quality and always invests in the latest technologies.

We have the expertise to apply printing on synthetic fiber fabrics such as polyester and natural fiber fabrics such as viscose cotton by using the up to date printing technologies.

We continue to be leader in the design market by making more than 10.000 designs each year. We love to transform the inspiration we get from grace to quality. We uplift unique works of out designers to higher levels with teamwork. We guarantee the fast and high quality production required by the sector.

Our signature in all the colors we use and the fabrics we produce does not only show our sensibility for quality but also our respect to people and the nature. Our eco-friendly paints and recycling papers which are certified by four different institutes show how much we care for the world we live in.

The biggest happiness of the smiling people working for Etico are the smiling faces of the people when they look at the mirror while they’re wearing our designs

Everything will eventually become what it deserves

This philosophy expresses Etico perfectly Because our unique designs become unique products inspiring fashion when they meet with fabrics.