Creativity is in our fabric...

We have a strong design team and each of them are more talented than each other. We reflect our happiness to our work and we bring life to fabrics each day.

Our wide and talented design team can transfer all colors and patterns to fabrics with our up to date printing system, use all advantages of digital printing and expert on computerized design patterns.
The journey of the patterns start as a dream in the minds of our designers and become a reality on fabrics. Our design team use their unique drawings in the production of the jacquard fabrics and they bring life to new collections and new styles.

We bring together right fabric and right patters at Etico.

We analyze the markets and realize export oriented production with our unique patterns.
Our design team use free-hand drawing and add value to the products of our customers with our artwork special collections. The emerging ideas turn into fascinating works expressing the unique styles of our designers.

Etico determines the market needs and seasonal trends and inspires the companies to represent new collections.

Etico will continue to put signature to high quality works in the future as it has been for years.

Because our vision is the happiness of our customers